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Everything About Switzerland

If you plan your vacation to Switzerland, then you are one of the luckiest persons indeed. At this place, snow is perfect, lakes are spectacular and Alps are a dream. Here people die for lip-smacking cheese and tasty chocolates. Switzerland being a model of democracy, is neutral during Second World War. However, these aren’t the only things to know about Switzerland before you land on that wonderful place. Here are few more interesting facts about it.

Switzerland does not come under European Union

Switzerland doesn’t come under European Union member. And even the Switz currency if not euro. It uses franc currency yet it includes the area of Schengen and from any European countries, you can travel to Switzerland with no border issues. Best of all, even you can pay euros in most of the Switz places, especially at tourist places and at borders. The Swiss Federal Railways also accepts euro.

Here You Can Learn Four National Languages

Switz in world comes among very few countries that consists nearly four national languages. Romanic, Italian, German and French are the four national languages spoken here. Among those four, German is the popular one. Even in the schools of Swiss, the languages are promptly put together and the most of the people in Switz know at least two to three languages. And just like all the other students in the country, Swiss students also learn foreign language, they also speak English.

Switzerland Transport Source

Trains are the best transport sources around Swiss. Before you start your vacation to Switz, check out travel book to find out plenty of reasons to visit Switz as well as plenty of routes to visit Switz. The Switzerland railway services will provide you any route connection you require and will take you to any place you want to reach and will operate like a Swiss clock. Switzerland railway is the world’s most dense railway network.

You Can Picnic Where and How You Want

If you are fed up with the Swiss sightseeing, then you can take short breaks and can go for a short picnic in nearby park as Swiss parks are filled with green lawns as well as colored flowers and calm going people. Here you can take your basket and blanket and can have a relaxation time. Here you can even have a glass of wine as you are free to do it. Keep in mind that you should leave no garbage behind as there will be lot of fine for throwing garbage in the park.

Landscaping of Swiss

Before you plan your vacation to Swizz, you have to surely know that your vacation motto is not to just finish the things mentioned in Swiss guide or travel book, but it has to be time you can spend there for yourself to have a peaceful moment. It can be a minute in front forkful of melted cheese or a boat trip on a lake or a picnic at park or a second at a beautiful Alpine panorama. It’s your amazing time and you have to find it as Switz offers you almost everything.