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Paradise Found in Maui Vacation Rentals

Some of the most exquisite locations on earth can be found in the Hawaiian Islands. With a culture steeped in rich Polynesian tradition and customs, one of the best ways to experience the true feel of the islands is to stay outside of the resorts. Maui vacation rentals are an excellent place to start.

Located second in the island chain, Maui is a magical island. Vacationers seeking serenity, relaxation, and stunning scenery will appreciate the Valley Isle. Mystical Hana, located on the eastern portion of the island, is remote and preserved to the extent that a full day is necessary to reach and explore all of its treasures. On a similar part of the island, the more than 10,000-foot peaks of dormant crater Haleakala are often brushed with snow in the winter months.

On the western side, tourist-oriented Lahaina has something for everyone. When souvenir shopping is in order, selecting crafts from the local artisans is an available option with a wide variety of item choices and styles. Restaurants are abundant in this little seaside town, and cater to those who wish to savor delectable island flavors.

Another point in favor of a Maui vacation rental is the ability to experience the sense of community while on holiday. Whereas a resort stay may create a feeling that you could be at any number of places, and tends to embrace a generic sense of the hotel brand rather than the location, much of the beauty in the Hawaiian Islands comes from the experience of nature in its truest forms. This experience cannot happen as purely at a resort.

According to, home rentals provide you instantly with an island dwelling. Designed and built to be enjoyed in this specific community, these vacation homes effectively make you feel like a part of the place, rather than a visitor. This is most appropriate, since the ohana aspect of Hawaiian life embraces friends as extended family, and treats them with the care and respect that others reserve only for relatives.

Beach rentals take Hawaiian Island vacationing to an entirely new level. Imagine experiencing the privacy of a home environment while being able to walk out your back door to enjoy the majestic ocean. This truly is the ultimate way to savor paradise.

Whether considering the area around spectacular Kapalua on Maui, or planning a hop to one of the neighbor islands, beachfront is certainly the way to go. The northwestern vantage point on Maui enables you to view Molokai as if it were on the other side of a forest lake. Westernmost locations enjoy the same seascape with the island of Lanai.

Kauai, while unable to be viewed from Maui, is only a brief plane ride away. Within an hour, you can arrive on the Garden Isle: home of one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world. Nature enthusiasts revere this laid-back treasure, and can find numerous secluded beaches for honeymoon adventures.

For those families traveling to the top of the Hawaiian Island chain, Poipu vacation rentals can be an excellent choice. Home of terrific body boarding beaches and casual restaurants, Poipu provides a shoreline playground for kids of all ages. Located on Kauai’s south shore, it also allows for an easy drive to the various scenic spots and waterfalls that decorate this lush green gem.

The Hawaiian Islands are truly the treasure of United States. Delicately floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, they are home to rainbows, waterfalls, vibrant flora, lilting ukulele melodies, enchanting fire dancing, and many beautiful traditions. Whether you visit during whale watching season, hop on a surfboard, or simply intend to let the sea wash away the cares of daily life, it is certain that you will leave the Hawaiian Islands rejuvenated and forever changed.